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Your Smile is Your First Impression

Take care of your first impression with expert care from dentist Nick Sampietro, a Visalia native of over 30 years.

Our office takes great pride in patient care. Your mouth is the most frequently used part of your body. It is necessary for proper nutrition, communication, and expression. When all these things are considered, it is no surprise that the overall health of your body is linked to the health of your mouth. Our office wants to help you keep this most important asset in perfect working order. We accomplish this by using the most up to date techniques for cavity detection and by seeing our patients every six months–or more if needed–to catch small problems. Modern dental research shows that as the population lives longer, preservation of natural tooth structure is the key to keeping your teeth for the rest of your life. This is why our office makes every effort to prevent tooth decay and restore diseased teeth to health.